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Ann Handley Content Marketing

Content Marketing: How to Do it Well (Infographic)

Content Marketing Genius Ann Handley has created this superb, concise guide. Very useful if you want to create your own content, or have a better understanding of what your hired freelance writer should be doing for you. This is basically how

Jasmine DeMarcos, Freelance Writer

6 Rituals To Help You Become a Morning Person

I recently published a guest post at MindBodyGreen.com, which is pretty awesome since I love that site and read posts there all the time. If you have trouble getting yourself moving in the morning like I used to, check out

Jasmine DeMarcos, freelance writer

Are Your Heroes Making You Feel Small?

I have so many personal heroes, and it’s gratifying to notice that most of them are women. Not that there aren’t scads of brilliant men I openly adore and admire, but as a woman I still feel like we have more

Jasmine DeMarcos, copywriter

10 Things About the Common Cold You Need To Know

I’m just getting over a cold, and while I was huddled up in blankets feeling sorry for myself, I did a lot of research on the common cold (purely out of a selfish desire to learn how make myself feel human

I Can Do That? (On Challenging Personal Assumptions.)

Last weekend, for some bizarre reason I asked my hair stylist to give me bangs, which is a look I haven’t rocked since Jr. high. Back then, my bangs were a mile-high, hair-sprayed wall to match every other teenage gal’s trendy

10% Happier by Dan Harris

On Becoming 10% Happier

I’ve been absolutely devouring books lately, in part because I’m in the midst of the rainy winter season on the West Coast. But I’ve also been reading more than usual as part of a new routine: for the past couple