Jasmine DeMarcos, Freelance WriterWriting has always been fun and easy for me. And no matter what I’m writing about, I’m always able to learn something interesting from researching the facts and organizing them into a coherent story.

Topics I frequently get paid to write about: Business, personal finance, and insurance.

Topics that I find personally fascinating: Health, entrepreneurship, art, creativity, community and lifestyle design.

Other topics I’ve covered extensively as an employee and as a freelancer: Cancer prevention, disaster preparedness, smart meter technology, private schools, entertainment and dozens more.

The kind of work I currently do: Website content, social media management, blog posts, white papers, ebooks, collateral, annual reports and other business documents.

My clients: They range across various industries, niches and geographic locations. What they have in common:

  • They’re too busy to write their own content (or don’t know how to do it well), and are willing to pay well for an experienced professional to provide quality work under tight deadlines
  • They respect my time as much as I respect theirs

What I do when I’m not writing: Photography, painting, playing board games, exploring the West Coast while camping & hiking, attempting to improve my pancake-making and Thai cooking skills, concocting my own natural health & beauty products, and consuming a steady stream of new books, movies and music.